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Dr Will Venters is an Associate Professor in Information Systems and Digital Innovation within the Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He speaks regularly at practitioner conferences on various digital business issues, particularly around Digital Ecosystems, Digital Innovation and Cloud Computing; has briefed European government policy makers and… Read more »

  • LSE Sprint Week – in Covid times.

    On this last day of term I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the online teaching of “Innovating Organisational Information Technology” at the LSE with Carsten Sorensen and, in particular, the hugely popular LSE Sprint Week; a week long sprint following Jake Knapp’s influential sprint book which I organise and run. Usually […]

  • E-Governments and Governing in the Digital Age: Diiesl.org Seminar next week.

    I am pleased to promote the following seminar (part of the Diiesl.org seminar series): Online Seminar – to register your attendance please click here Tuesday 24th November 2020 2.00 – 3:00-5.00pm (GMT) (note change of time!) Governments and international organizations have increasingly been adopting digital technologies in the provision of public services in the last decades. […]

  • The leadership challenges of homeworking.

    Our notion of work and the office have changed forever. Whilst a positive experience for some, research shows we shouldn’t discount the benefits of an office environment. Will Venters and Enrico Rossi explain. One lesson in leadership is not to make long-term decisions based on short-term experiences, while remaining ever mindful of world events. The […]

  • What automation can do for small businesses

    What does automation mean for small businesses? And what processes can they automate today using current technologies? Cloud computing provides small businesses with direct access to a huge range of automation solutions. But rather than automating their existing admin processes, small businesses may be better examining whether standardised processes already exist in the cloud through […]

  • The World Turned Upside Down … The future of digital innovation research post COVID-19

    To register (free) via eventbrite click here! 25th June from 1:00pm (BST – UK Summer time) until 5:30 pm (includes a 1hr break from around 2:30-3:30) As part of the The Digital Infrastructure, Innovation and Economy Series London (DIIESL.org) which I co-run I would like to announce a seminar on the 25th June 2020. In […]

  • Sprint Week – Launch with Jake Knapp

    It was fantastic to launch the annual “Sprint Week” I run, with Carsten Sorensen, as part of our MSc in Management, Information Systems and Digital Innovation . During the week our students follow Jake Knapp’s Sprint book (albeit with changes to use more complex modelling tools) to develop a solution for VISA. The week is supported […]

  • Presentation of our research in Map Camp 2019

    Roser Pujadas presented in Map Camp 2019 some of the findings of the research she is conducting with Will Venters and Mark Thompson on Wardley Maps. Map Camp (map-camp.com/) is a yearly event that brings together a community interested in Wardley Maps, a tool used to support strategic decision-making by helping organizations develop situational awareness. More than 600 people from across the […]

  • Wardley Mapping and building situational awareness in the age of service ecosystems.

    How do executives make sense of their complex digital ecosystem of cloud services? How do they gain situational awareness? One method gaining increasing popularity in a large number of organisations is Simon Wardley’s “Wardley Mapping” technique. With Simon, and with Roser Pujadas and Mark Thompson, we have been developing and researching of how and why… Read more »

  • Fully funded PhD studentships in Interfaces / Boundary Resources / Digital Ecosystems / Cloud Computing.

    I am part of my large research grant with UCL, QMUL and Imperial (https://binaryblurring.com/2017/12/04/win-of-6-million-to-research-digital-interfacing/  )  titled “Interfaces Reasoning for Interacting Systems. As part of this we have four fully funded PhD studentships available –  http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/prospective_students/phd_programme/funded_scholarships/ While the advertisement focuses on computer science issues, the final bullet point “Tools for modelling and reasoning about organizational architecture” […]

  • Five days of trials, tech and teamwork: welcome to Sprint Week

    Innovation can transform the world. So how can it be encouraged and nurtured? Sofia Klapp, studying my course in “Innovating Organizational Information Technology” for her MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation (MISDI), reveals how our Sprint Week concept challenged her and her fellow classmates to generate, develop and pitch genuinely groundbreaking ideas.  It was Monday morning, and […]