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Dr Will Venters is an Assistant Professor in Information Systems and Digital Innovation within the Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He speaks regularly at practitioner conferences on various digital business issues, particularly around Digital Ecosystems, Digital Innovation and Cloud Computing; has briefed  European government policy makers and… Read more »

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    Strategy Security in the cloud – comments on Athens Cloud Computing Conference

    Attending the Cloud Computing Conference in Athens today I was struck by the overarching interest of the audience in security. This is entirely understandable, and certainly should be the primary concern for IT directors whose overarching concern is to keep the company safe in this dangerous digital world. As fellow speaker Ian Murphy discussed – […]

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    Keynote for Athens Cloud Computing conference

    I am proud to be the keynote speaker at the Athens Cloud Computing conference on the 10th of March. I will be kicking off the event with a challenge to see cloud not as the transfer of computing from within the enterprise to an external party, but instead as a chance to reconsider the boundary […]

  • Teaching this year

    Within the LSE I teach two courses: MG201: Core Disciplines II: Marketing, Human Resources management and Information Systems This is an undergraduate core course for BSc management students. I am the course director for this course and developed its innovative group-project. IS471: Innovating Organisational Information Technology This is a core MSc course for the MSc Management… Read more »

  • “Be careful you don’t throw out the IT baby with the cloud-bathwater”

    Last week Royal Bank of Scotland was fined £56m by the Financial Conduct Authority for its 2012 software challenges that deprived millions of customers of banking services[1].  In a quote, FCA director Tracey McDermott said[2]: “The problems arose due to failures at many levels within the RBS Group to identify and manage the risks which […]

  • Drugs enter the digital age – Details of a research project I’m part of…

    A team of us at the LSE have just won £700k to look at the complex digital processes and infrastructures surrounding future medicine delivery. The following is taken from the press release (link below). “The world’s health sector has gone digital, with electronic prescriptions, digitised supply chains and personalised medicine the new buzz words. Earlier this […]