Moving to the Cloud Corporation

Moving to the Cloud Corporation: How to face the challenges and harness the potential of cloud computing 

(Published December 2013)

Cloud technology is being adopted by corporations around the world. Its introduction brings not only challenges but also huge opportunities and potential. Providing a management perspective on cloud technology, this book outlines the need to know information for strategic decisions on cloud technology and how it can be implemented. Detailing the potential benefits and risks and drawing on an international survey of over 1,000 business and executives, this book provides a critical overview of how cloud has been adopted so far with argument that the IT function must adopt a new operating model for the cloud era. The result is an essential guide to becoming a cloud corporation.

 Reviews for the book

‘The authors make a key contribution to moving the Cloud from a frustrating era of marketing hype to a more mature era of developing best practice. Insightful stories of the enterprise are combined with thorough and well-articulated research. A seriously important and timely business book.’ –Dr Richard Sykes, Chair of the Cloud Industry Forum

” It’s an essential book for anyone trying the navigate today’s technology and business landscape.” –Mike Corbett, Chairman and Founder, IAOP

‘Willcocks, Venters and Whitley have delivered the definitive roadmap for business and IT leaders seeking to remove their organizations from the stranglehold of legacy IT departments and practices. Cloud computing is bringing together business process and technology in a much more meaningful way, where business line leaders can immerse themselves in the governance of data, analytics and information they need to be more effective… The authors perform a meticulous and insightful job recounting the history of Cloud, how it has permeated academia, society and business, and – perhaps most importantly – how today’s business and IT executives should develop a roadmap that takes them from current to desired future-state. With so many variables, risks, uncertainties and opportunities, Moving to the Cloud Corporation is a ‘must read’ for business leaders who want to embrace the true blending of IT and business; standing still in today’s environment is the biggest threat to business survival.’ –Phil Fersht, Founder and CEO, HfS Research

‘What I like about this book is its aligned approach, weaving both the business and IT perspectives in bringing the reader across the concepts, the developments and challenges of this promising but also risky innovation. The authors bring to light the essential and critical elements needed from both business and IT, as well as provide useful insights on future innovations and the considerations of ‘what could be possible’ for the enterprise. Holistically, chapters 1 to 9 inspire the thinking by providing apposite knowledge backed by actual evidence, and valuable models that can help frame the thought process towards adopting Cloud service or solutions. This book is a ‘must read’ for those planning to take on the Cloud journey.’ –Miguel Gabriel Custodio, Managing Director, Technology Consulting – Strategy and Transformation, Accenture.

‘A timely book on cloud computing and its impact, it is well-grounded in research and thoughtful analysis. Those interested in the corporation, its structure and governance in a connected digital age will certainly value its insights.’ -Irene Ng, Professor of Marketing and Service Systems; Director, International Institute of Product and Service Innovation, WMG, University of Warwick

‘This excellent book demonstrates that cloud has an influence well beyond the IT department. The authors set out to show how cloud will profoundly transform business in the 21st century.’ –Max Cooter, Editor, Cloud Pro

“The corporate executive, technology architect or technical practitioner will find this a most valuable resource for IT strategic planning and tactical implementation”. –Professor Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, Professor of Security Engineering