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Understanding AI and Large Language Models: Spiders Webs and LSD.

The following light-hearted script was for an evening talk at the London Stock Exchange for Enterprise Technology Meetup in June 2023. The speech is based on research with Dr Roser Pujadas of UCL and Dr Erika Valderamma of UMEA in Sweden. —– Last Tuesday the news went wild as industry and AI leaders warned that […]

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PhD in Rhythms of Information Infrastructure Cultivation: Dr Ayesha Khanna

It was fantastic to see Ayesha Khanna, my PhD student, successfully defend her PhD today. Her work focuses on the temporal nature of information infrastructures within a SmartCity initiative in Berlin identifying the importance of temporal rhythm. The research will be of interest to practitioners involved in building smart cities, strategic niches for innovation, and […]

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Digital infrastructures in organizational agility – Dr Florian Allwein

It was a great pleasure to see Florian Allwein, my PhD student, successfully defend his PhD today. The thesis has significant lessons for practitioners interested in the role of their digital technology in promoting agility within large organisations. The abstract of Dr Allwein’s thesis: Organizational agility has received much attention from practitioners and researchers in […]

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What is Fog Computing?

I read an interesting article on Fog Computing and thought readers might like a short precis: Applications such as health-monitoring or emergency response require near-instantaneous response such that the delay caused by contacting and receiving data from a cloud data-centre can be highly problematic. Fog Computing is a response to this challenge. The basic idea […]