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Understanding AI and Large Language Models: Spiders Webs and LSD.

The following light-hearted script was for an evening talk at the London Stock Exchange for Enterprise Technology Meetup in June 2023. The speech is based on research with Dr Roser Pujadas of UCL and Dr Erika Valderamma of UMEA in Sweden. —– Last Tuesday the news went wild as industry and AI leaders warned that […]

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Anti-competitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) – []

Yesterday’s FT provides a fascinating article (available here) on the role algorithms may increasingly plan in price-rigging and collusion. While previously humans have colluded to fix prices, today’s algorithms which seek profit maximization may end up colluding in a way which is hard to detect and difficult to stop. Indeed a recent OECD report states: […]

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Artificial Intelligence and human work.

The best computer is a man, and it’s the only one that can be mass-produced by unskilled labour.” (Wernher von Braun) Last night I began to think further about the role of AI and humans in society while attending Future Advocacy’s launch of a report on “Maximising the opportunities and minimising the risks of artificial […]

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What can Artificial Intelligence do for business?

I am joining a panel tomorrow at the AI-Summit in London, focused on practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) for business applications. I am to be asked the question “What can Artificial Intelligence do for business?”, so by way of preparation I thought I should try to answer the question on my blog. Perhaps we can break […]